MDL Handbook — Revision history

8 May 2017
New chapter on the uses of the geometry field in the material struct that enables bump and displacement mapping.
4 November 2016
Further format improvements.
28 July 2016
New structure for the HTML version of the Handbook to enable better navigation and improved textual search, including search in code examples.
14,18 April 2016
Various improvements made and typos corrected based on an internal review.
13 April 2016
Plastic chapter complete.
4 April 2016
New chapters on examples of plastic (incomplete) and glass; an introductory chapter on user-defined functions.
21 February 2016
Chapters separated into separate HTML pages; navigation links; search feature.
30 September 2015
Added Chapter 5 on fabric.
7 August 2015
Added Chapter 4 on BSDF combinations; reorganized main page with one HTML page per chapter; improved formatting of MDL technical introduction.
28 March 2015
Added link to the recording of the GTC 2015 presentation about the MDL Handbook; fixed typos in the Handbook.
20 March 2015
Initial MDL Handbook website release for GTC 2015.
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