NVIDIA Material Definition Language Handbook
28 July 2016

NVIDIA's Material Definition Language (MDL) is used by rendering systems to define surface appearance. To help artists, designers, programmers and managers understand and use MDL, NVIDIA is producing a Handbook to provide background, theory and practical examples of the language.

This website provides interim versions of the Handbook; as a chapter nears completion, it will be available here. Some chapters may be missing explanatory text or the text may not yet be in its final form, but the material examples, diagrams and renderings may already be useful. See the Revision history page for an ongoing description of updates and changes as they are made to the version of the Handbook available from this website.

The most recent update (July 28) provides an improved presentation for the HTML version of the Handbook. A useful change is the ability to search for text in the code examples of materials and functions. A “help” page is available through a button in the upper left corner of the main page. The PDF versions of the Manual are now available through links in the black bar at the bottom of the main page. The new version of the MDL language specification is available through the link below.

Best wishes for material improvements in your use of MDL!

Link to the MDL Handbook as of 28 July 2016

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